Mornings are Magic

Previously, I described how re-ordering my personal development tasks made it easier to write.

Well, there were consequences. I moved my workout – which is normally a 1 to 2 hour affair – to the afternoon. Yesterday I called it after 30 minutes. Mentally it was just a constant struggle.


First let me describe what my usual morning looks like. We wake up around 5:30 AM, have a cup or two of coffee while doing a bit of news, scanning and chatting with my wife. Around 6:30 AM or so I start the work out, which looks like:

15 minutes of Wim Hoff breathing

15 minutes of yoga

30 minutes of stretching

30 minutes to an hour of rowing, kettle bells, TRX depending on the day.

While I’ve often thought that the morning sessions had a centering sort of element, I didn’t appreciate how central that meditative aspect is. It totally didn’t fit with the rhythms of the afternoon, and I felt scattered and impatient. Perhaps someday I’ll revisit that as a challenge, but for now, the morning is magic, and I will respect that.

Today, I started the workout directly after one cup of coffee. Settled in nicely and really appreciated that “moving meditation.” Had some butter tea afterwards, and then began writing this post. It’s 9 AM – so a fair bit of time has elapsed here – but it feels good, and I think I can tighten up the total time (it’s Saturday and I’m moving relatively slowly). So hurray - respect the morning!

Keven Elliff @keven