Will Facebook Dominate Mobile Internet? Want to Bet Against It?


Amy Porterfield of the Social Media Examiner highlights some stunning figures from a new Morgan Stanley research document:

  • It is estimated that 17% of Facebook users currently access the site using a mobile device, and that number is estimated to skyrocket to 90% within 5 years.
  • Mobile Facebook users are 50% more active than non-mobile Facebook users.
  • 1 million users commented on their friends’ status changes on mobile devices within the first 24 hours of the mobile feature’s launch.
  • There are currently 180+ carriers in 60 different countries promoting Facebook mobile products.
  • Here’s a graph to show Facebook’s steady rise of mobile users:

Earlier, I mentioned that the impact of the mobile internet might actually (finally) be at hand for small business owners. This data seems to confirm it, in my view. There is a lot more data shared in Amy’s post. Read the whole thing.

(Image taken from The Mobile Internet Report by Morgan Stanley Research)

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