Why You Should Acknowledge and Encourage Your Customers


We just got back from an outstanding honeymoon in Honduras. We spent some time on the mainland near La Ceiba and Pico Bonito National Park, as well as on Roatan in the Bay Islands.

We had an excellent experience, and it was largely facilitated by the community of reviews at TripAdvisor.com. My wife and I researched and chose our accommodations and probable meal locations based on what others recommended on the site.

Don't think that Honduras doesn't know this.

I was struck by how savvy the tourist-centered businesses were on our trip in terms of acknowledging and encouraging interaction within Trip Advisor. They know this is where their customers come from, and they have direct experience of the benefits of engaging with their customers. Some businesses even displayed their current Trip Advisor ranking on sandwich boards.

Critically, each place we stayed at gave us a flyer on check-out asking us to go to Trip Advisor and share our experience – which of course we did.

Overall, I was deeply impressed by the customer-focused nature of the businesses we encountered. A good lesson for all of us.

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