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IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an incredibly powerful and easy to use website that helps to get all of your gadgets and software services working as intelligent agents for you. Without programming. I love it, and I’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities. In fact, I have a half day set aside in early September to figure out all of the ways I can automate parts of my work and life.

Today, IFTTT announced that they have enabled integration with Pushover – an app/service that supports notifications on your mobile device. Notifications are particularly helpful if you don’t want to rack up SMS charges. So for me, here in the Pacific Northwest, where it possibly will never get above 75 degrees, I’ve set up what IFTTT calls a “recipe” to automatically notify me when the weather forecast calls for temps in excess of 75 degrees.

We’re excited to announce the new Pushover Channel! Pushover makes it easy to send notifications to your Android and iOS devices.

Pushover Channel
Put the internet to work for you.

Of course, that’s a very banal example. But if you use Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, RSS, and any of the Google products, you’ll find a lot to play with and (hopefully) automate.

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23. July 2012 by Keven Elliff
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