Twitter vs. Facebook for Marketing?

“The State of Social Media Marketing,” a new study by, has just been released, and it has some very interesting information for businesses and organizations looking to use Twitter and/or Facebook. Highlights of the report are discussed in a good article on the Social Media Examiner.

Here are some interesting factoids revealed when marketers were asked the following:

  • Monitoring Twitter for PR problems in real time? While only 50.8% actually tried it, 74.8% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Inviting Twitter users with positive brand tweets to do something? 33.2% tried it, 72.1% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Contacting Twitter users tweeting negatively about the brand? 22.4% tried it, 72.3% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Creating an in-person event using only Twitter invites? 13.5% tried it, 71.8% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Using Facebook user data to profile your customers’ demos or interests? 25% tried it, 73.1% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Creating a Facebook application around a brand? 24.6% tried it, 73.3% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”

Recommended reading.

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19. January 2010 by Keven Elliff
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