Things May Change Here

For a number of years, I’ve written blog posts on various subjects relating to digital marketing, social media, search – the types of subjects one would expect in the area I make my living in. However, with the proliferation of shorter-form services such as Twitter, Google+ and the like, I simply don’t find that I am adding a tremendous amount of value by writing about the work I do. Put simply, I get more done actually doing the work.

So I’m considering a rather radical simplification of my website. Since it is built on WordPress, I can archive it, export it, and keep it hanging around on a local server. This is helpful for me, since I have used the site as a bit of a link-blogging tool for my own internal use.

Therefore, I am contemplating replacing the primary content of the site with a working space created by the innovative web outlining tool called Fargo. It’s a clever tool that is in its infancy, but has already proven to be a useful production-level thinking tool for me.

This post is itself a bit of an initial foray toward this path. It was written and published using Fargo without ever logging into WordPress. Its the federated, open, and distributed web at its best.

Stay Tuned.

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