Things I’d Like to See: iPad Restaurant Menus


One of the more talked-about apps for the new Apple iPad is “Square” – which is a mobile payment app that many see as being a nifty cash register.

My thoughts on this are:

  1. Yes – if I ran a retail/restaurant business, I’d like to get rid of that big cash register, so that I could actually see my customer.
  2. If you run a restaurant, wouldn’t it be cool to give every table an iPad – with an interactive menu – photos – movies, the whole bit – and then provide reading/background info on the food, cuisine, restaurant, etc, and then finish it off with a point-of-sale transaction – all on the same device.

That would be rather nifty – once they make the devices spill-proof!

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06. April 2010 by Keven Elliff
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