There Is No Formula For Success



One of the seductive things about data-out-of-context is that it can give you a false sense of surety. This is especially true in the marketing world, where everyone is looking for the “Secret Sauce” or “The 5 Keys To Guaranteed Success!” 

This came to mind today as I read a summary of Dan Zarrella’s infographic about Facebook Marketing on the All Facebook site

Looking across all of Facebook’s posting data, Dan notices among other things, that Saturday’s are the best time to post if you want a particular piece of information shared. While this certainly might be true for Facebook as a whole, it does not mean that Saturdays are the best time for your business or organization to post. 

Only experimentation and analysis of your own interactions on Facebook will give you the data you need to determine the best time to drive engagement on your site. For highly-connected media companies, posting multiple times per day might be best. For others, it might just be once per week or every other day. 

So read these infographics in a spirit of curiosity and discovery – but don’t base your marketing and content strategies around them. Do your own work with your own customers to determine your own “best time.”

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