The RIGHT Way to Sell in 2011

I would like to encourage you to take a moment to read Todd Schnick’s excellent post 9 Step Plan To Use Social Media To Hack Your Cold-Calling Nightmare.

Todd shines a bright light on the fallacy of a 1% sales “success” rate and details an easy-to-understand methodology for using social media to develop relationships with potential customers. He calls them cold-calling hacks – but to me, they represent how sales should be done in 2011.

“I just don’t know why cold calling is necessary. I don’t understand why you would make a phone call to someone you don’t know, who isn’t expecting your call, and expect to advance a sale as a result.

I know it works…if you believe a response rate of one percent “works.””

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Keven Elliff Google profile is a business development and marketing consultant who helps businesses, organizations, and individuals connect with customers. Keven advises solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as large enterprises and nonprofits.

23. March 2011 by Keven Elliff
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