The Online Generational Divide is Functional

More specifically us generation-Xers (33-44) are still the Kings of online shopping with 80% buying stuff online compared to 71% of generation Y (18-32) and only 38% of teens.

By comparison, as you’d expect digital natives (aged under 30) are more likely to use personal blogs, send instant messages and check out online videos and games.   In other words, the generational divide is a functional versus social one.

This comes to us from a recent Pew Internet & American Life project that looked at generational differences online. ( I think this has important implications for anyone focusing their social media efforts on a narrow demographic slice.

However, if I were to play armchair sociologist for a second, I would also hazard a guess that as people from from their 20s into their 30s and beyond, functional use might increase anyway, as responsibilities increase and freetime decreases (for most of us anyway).

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