The Day Facebook Took Over Your Email Marketing Efforts

Folks like Chris Penn warned us months ago about the necessity of engaging with Facebook in order to ensure continued email marketing success.

Now it's real.

Today, Facebook announced an integrated messaging platform that quite literally changes the game for email marketing. Users who choose to use Facebook's system will have a whitelist-based system that will ONLY allow email from friends. Depending on their privacy settings, any email from anyone OTHER than friends – well that can head right to the 'other' or 'spam' folder, thank you very much.

Facebook says they want users the "see the messages that matter." Do your messages fit within that filter? According to their news conference, Facebook will be rolling this new messaging platform out over the next few months. However, if you are a business, or non-profit who wants to remain relevant and accessible to your customers and constituents, this would be an excellent time to develop a solid, timely, and useful Facebook strategy centered around your customers.

Because it's not just about Facebook now, it's about the real bread and butter for many businesses – email.

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  1. The article brings up a great point but doesn’t really share what steps we can take. Can you elaborate?

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