The 2 Things You Must Know Before Creating a Facebook Fan Page

I had occasion to help an organization out today with a problem that I learned plagues MANY companies, organizations, and brands. It is something that isn't talked about up front too much, but ends up getting talked about a LOT down the road.

And there is no sign that Facebook is going to do anything about it.

The problem is that 'creators' of Facebook Fan pages are immortal. They cannot die. What happens is that you have an employee who is tasked with handling your social media. Great! They have passion. They have drive. They are ALL about Facebook. So you have them create your company's Fan page. Terrific! Everyone's happy.

And then that person leaves the company. Now of course, if you know this in advance, you an work out a succession plan and create co-admins. However, if you do NOT have this in place, or if the employee leaves under bad circumstances, then you have a problem. That employee (or volunteer) is ALWAYS associated with your Facebook Fan page. Facebook will not (and says that it cannot) delete a creator from a Fan page. They can be de-activated (love that term), but if they ever become a Fan of your page again, then their creator rights are automatically restored.

Spend some time on this issue, and you will find THOUSANDS of businesses and organizations with this problem.

And Facebook is ignoring it.

Since they won't help you, here are the 2 things you simply must know before creating your next Fan page:

Thing To Know #1
Use a generic email account to set-up the page.
For instance, you can set-up a gmail account ( and have it autoforwarded to a primary email account. Then use the gmail account to set-up profiles for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. If and when the person responsible for handling the account moves on or is no longer with you, you can “unforward” the gmail account and change the passwords.

Thing to Know #2
If you don't have a plan to deal with succession, you may have to delete your Fan page.
It all comes down to immortality. If the person with creator rights to your Fan page leaves and ever decides to get mischievous, how can you be sure that your brand is protected. The answer is that you can't. And that is an untenable situation for many businesses. The only option left might be deletion of the page so that you can start anew.

A brief glimpse of the underbelly here, folks…

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