Target Facebook Messages to Your Email List

+Jon Loomer┬áhas an interesting walk-through of how to use Facebook’s Power Editor to take an email list and use that “custom audience” to create very targeted Facebook campaigns.

One of the reasons that Facebook is so effective for small businesses and nonprofits is that tools of this nature have traditionally only been available to large enterprises and large budgets. In fact, Facebook has only recently made this particular capability to most Pages.

However, it is this leveling of the playing field that is changing the game for many marketers and smaller enterprises.

Jon correctly points out that with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Just because you can do this, does not mean that you necessarily should.As with all campaigns, starting with a clear objective and understanding the broader context of your campaigns will help you decide if the ROI on this strategy is right for you.

Facebook Custom Audiences: Target Facebook Ads by Email List –
Advertisers can now serve Facebook ads to current customers based on email and phone number lists. Here’s how, complete with a video tutorial.

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