Talk Directly to Your Audience. One at a Time.

I’m not much of a TV person, but thanks to Hulu, YouTube, and the like, I’m able to stay in tune with most of my favorite television shows. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which Craig places on YouTube courtesy of CBS. I had only remembered Ferguson from the Drew Carey Show years back, but I am really impressed with this guy and his show.

But not because he’s funny (which he is).

What I like is his method – and I think his approach to his viewers and audience is instructive for all of us. Take a look at his opening monologue. In contrast to the really wide shot of the host talking to “EveryOne”, Ferguson gets right up into the camera, even leaning on it or touching it at times. It’s a perspective of intimacy, as if he is saying “just you and me, here.” Now he plays to his audience too, but the illusion here is powerful. He’s talking directly to millions, but the effect is that he is just talking to one person. You.

These days, whether through YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or your blog, you can communicate in exactly the same way. All it takes is a bit of thought on perspective. Don’t start an email newsletter with “Dear Friend,” don’t refer to “all of you” in your posts. Think about what a particular person – your ideal customer – would want to see or hear. If you match your message to that customer, you place yourself in the position to have a dialogue with them.

And that is where sales and relationships live.

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