Tips to Use Google+ For SEO

I get a lot of questions about whether or not to invest time in the Google+ social layer. Normally, I suggest that the answer to the question of “which social networks to use” is customer-focused. That is, learn where your customers are, and then focus energy on those social networks. Google+ might be a useful exception to this rule, however. If Google is responsible for a lot of traffic to your website, and if SEO matters to you, then I think it would be wise to invest some energy into Google+. This post offers some useful ‘quick steps.’ You should of course have a strategy for Google+ that extends beyond these tips, however.

Interesting take on mission-driven communities

Good info here, but the one missing aspect – and I would say the most important aspect – is "need." Even though you may want to start a community – is it addressing a need? If so, then these 7 steps will take you far. And then get out of the way.

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7 ways to create a fiercely loyal nonprofit community
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