Seth Godin’s Circles of Marketing

Seth Godin's Circles of Marketing
Seth Godin’s Circles of Marketing

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I talk incessantly about marketing circles. Normally, when I invoke the dreaded “circles” conversation, I’m talking about spheres of influence. The closer in to the product you are (i.e. the closer to the center of the circle), the more effective, efficient, and leveraged your marketing can be.

So it makes sense to pay attention to your product, and make it the best you can be.

Today, I came across a very elegant presentation of this concept by marketing know-it-all Seth Godin. He calls them the “Circles of Marketing” and I would humbly suggest that the concepts here are perhaps the most important concepts for a business to fuse into their corporate DNA.  Read it. Absorb it. Do it.

“When in doubt, when your marketing isn’t working, the answer is easy: go one circle in.”

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