Saturday’s Facebook Gold Rush


Beginning Saturday, June 13th at 9pm (Pacific), Facebook will allow users to register usernames and custom URLs. Yes, you will finally be able to register as your own. Long overdue, in my opinion, this change brings Facebook in line with Twitter and MySpace, both of which offer “vanity” URLs for profiles.

However, there is a catch – if you have a fan page, you’ll need to have 1,000+ fans, and have created it prior to June 2009.  More information on “page” limitations is available on Facebook’s blog.

I don’t particularly like how Facebook is rolling this out, but with over 200 million users, there may simply be no way to make this change smoothly. However, I see a serious internet tumult taking place on Saturday, as everyone rushes into try and secure their name. If one has a common name, look out.

In other words – John Smith’s of the world – set your alarms…

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