Sample Social Media Editorial Calendar Template

This is a sample marketing and social media editorial calendar presented as part of  “Social Media & Content Marketing for Non-Profits” – a talk given on September 27, 2012 for the Jefferson Community Foundation.

Quite a few editorial calendars are visualized in a traditional calendar format. However, I’ve found many organizations work more naturally using lists. This template imagines what a local Habitat for Humanity chapter might need to do during the month it is promoting a “blitz build” type of event.

The concepts displayed in this editorial calendar template are outlined in my overview of Social Media and Content Marketing for Non-Profits – although the application here would apply easily in any business or organizational setting.



  • Increase # of Volunteers that Help Build Houses


  • Use events to teach volunteers home repair
  • Tell stories of impact
  • Tool belt giveaway
  • Build weekly towards end-of-month “Blitz Build”


  • · Weekly build sessions on Saturday
  • · Blitz Build on final Saturday



  • Monday: Chamber of Commerce Meeting Announcement (Tina)
  • Saturday: Weekly Build Event – TEACHING FOCUS: How to Frame a Window (Ray).
  • Ensure photog onsite for build event. (Tina)


  • Monday: PSA to media (Donna)
  • Wednesday: Interview on KPTZ (Tina)


  • Monday: Blog post introducing series and giveaway (Mark)
  • Wednesday: Blog post detailing impact of new home on family (Mark)


  • Tuesday: Monthly broadcast email focusing on series and giveaway (Mark)


  • Monday: Announcement of series + giveaway (Donna)
  • Tuesday: Question – what home repair skills would you like to learn most? (Donna)
  • Wednesday: Build reminder with link to blog post on family impact (Donna)
  • Thursday: Thank you to sponsor for weekly tool belt giveaway (Donna)
  • Friday: Build reminder with a link to a YouTube you found that demonstrates how to frame a window (Donna)


  • Friday: Favorite the video you found on window framing (Donna)


  • Saturday: Photog + Colin work out a basic ‘how to’ to post on (Photog)



  • Monday: Chamber of Commerce Meeting Announcement (Tina)
  • Saturday: Weekly Build Event—TEACHING FOCUS: Thresholds (Ray). Ensure photog onsite. (Tina)


  • Monday: PSA to media (Donna)


  • Monday: Blog post week 1 recap (with photos) with photo of giveaway winner. (Mark)
  • Tuesday: Blog post with embedded Instructable from week 1 (Mark)
  • Wednesday: Blog post with YouTube interview of family (Photog + Mark)

EMAIL: Nothing this week


  • Monday: Week 2 announcement + Week 1 photo album and giveaway winner (Photog + Donna)
  • Tuesday: HOW TO: link to week 1 Instructable (Donna)
  • Wednesday: Build reminder + family impact video(Donna)
  • Thursday: Thanks to tool belt sponsor (photo of week 1 winner) + “What’s your favorite tool and why?” (Donna)
  • Friday: Build reminder with a YouTube link shows grooms and brides falling over thresholds. (Donna)


  • Wednesday: Upload family impact video (Photog)


  • Monday: Load up week 1 project (Photog + Mark)

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27. September 2012 by Keven Elliff
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