Read “The Age of Excellence” by Jason Calacanis

There’s no room left in 2012 for average, or even good, products.

Just three or four years ago, making a good product was good enough. In fact, a lot of the business thinking at the time focused on knowing when to stop investing in a product and get it out the door.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress,” I would tell folks. The MVP (minimum viable product) and lean startup movements are great for learning — but there is nothing MVP about an iPad or Ridley Scott film.


When I speak to businesses about marketing and business development, one of the first things I say is “Be Awesome.” Whether you are just starting out, or taking a quantum leap – being the best you can be truly matters.

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jason Calacanis has written a much more in-depth and compelling manifesto about excellence that should be required reading for all owners, and entrepreneurs.

Read the whole thing. And save it.

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