Our Collective OMG Moment Re: Facebook’s Ambition


At Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference yesterday, the company announced a slew of ambitious moves to reinforce it's role as the "social center of the web." Starting immediately, most sites will have the ability to integrate websites and web apps within your existing social network – a development that raises many potential issues for content creators as well as network members.

I've half-written three posts on the impact of this, but I am truly torn – and from the reaction in the broader web universe, it appears that I'm not alone.

Briefly, however, this is how I see it impacting our world:

A great thing. Will instantly boost traffic and engagement. Should be easy to integrate into most platforms. Will connect patrons and customers to each other.

Yikes! Some potential privacy issues for sure, although if people UNDERSTAND their applications and settings, most people will be ok.

I hate it. I don't want this level of power/control in the hands of a company.

With all of that said, I'll definitely be implementing it for the nonprofits and businesses I work with, because from that perspective, it has the potential to be very helpful.

Personally, my concern with Facebook grows….

For more reading, I reccommend Robert Scoble's post on Facebook's "ambition", Marshall Kirkpatrick's post asking if we're making a deal with the devil, and of course, Mashable's ongoing coverage.

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