Nuzzel *Almost* Gets Twitter Lists Right

If you use Twitter to read/learn and stay connected to news, there is no question that that the app called Nuzzel can be tremendously useful.  Nuzzel shows you a feed of the most-shared stories among the people you follow on Twitter and/or on Facebook). In addition to just displaying them, it gives you sorting and discovery options that are quite helpful.


If you use the amazingly-useful “Lists” feature of Twitter (which they seem intent on burying as deeply as possible), Twitter’s utility can magnify by orders of magnitude.  Nuzzel has the ability to use Lists in their feed discovery. This opens up topic-based reading (among many many other opportunities.) However, I learned today while trying to configure my own Nuzzel, that there is a catch.

Nuzzel will not work with Lists you subscribe to. It will only work with Lists you create.  So if I find an interesting list on Twitter (here’s one of my favorites curated by Jay Rosen), I would essentially have to duplicate Jay’s List to use it on Nuzzel.

Can I do that? Sure. But aside from the time it would take, it also feels like a “taking” of someone else’s curation. Not the hugest deal in the world within this context – but seems like an easy fix.

Regardless, Nuzzel is a useful app. Perhaps one day, it will get even more useful!

P.S. Kudos to CEO Jonathan Abrams for quickly responding to a frankly low-level inquiry about this. Speaks well of the company.