Notes from ‘Main Street’ Presentation

The following notes were presented as part of the Port Townsend Main Street’s “Design | Build | Produce” seminar, hosted in June 2010.

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You’ve now got great design kung fu.
You’ve built an integrated web presence/social media hub.
Now it’s time to partner with your customers to produce results.

(All of this, of course, in alignment with your business and marketing plans)

How can you produce results?

  1. Know your customers
  2. Orient your business to serve them
  3. Create value

Segment Your Customers By Needs/Passions:
What Do They Want Right Now?

  • Rabid outdoors freaks need/want:
    • To get out in the mountains at every opportunity
    • To know more about trails, secret spots, etc than their friends
    • To influence their friendsd. The coolest, premium gear
    • Access to luminaries in the field
    • Frequent buyer’s discount
    • Community
  • First-time kayak buyers need/want:
    • Education
    • Test drives
    • Organized trips
    • Encouragement
    • Community
  • Ultralight hikers need/want
    • Good selection
    • Classes on how to scale down
    • Product reviews/advice
  • Family campers need/want
    • Big tents
    • Cheap gear
    • Confidence that other families use/like
    • Advice on where to go
    • Frequent buyers club

Prioritize Based On Revenue + Opportunity

  • Freaks = 45% of your revenue. Ceiling. But they influence. Worthy of care and feeding.
  • Family campers = 20% of your revenue. Could be 60% Invest heavily here.
  • Ultralights = 5% – probably no more than 10% They’ll look online. Invest modestly.

Think Of Yourself As A Solutions Provider

  • What can you offer that they need?
  • Ask them. Listen.
  • Engage in a useful dialog that meets their needs.
  • Provide them with what they need.
  • Become indispensible.

General Tips

Do you collect customer names/contact info? DO IT!
Point of sale, email newsletter, web transactions, social media, etc.

  • Loyalty rewards
  • Good web information
  • Deeply useful email newsletter
  • Top tier customer service
  • Parties

 **Notice that I’m not answering the question: “What should I do on Facebook?”
   Let your customers answer that for you.


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