Michael Jordan Can Teach You to Become Legendary


A couple of years ago, Michael Jordan and Nike launched an advertising campaign centered on the concept “Become Legendary.” It was a clever campaign, and felt really ‘old school’ to me, in that it reinforced (gasp) hard work, passion, creativity, and (again) hard work.

While there is an emerging buzz around Jordan and Nike’s latest campaign, (which flips the campaign on its head a bit), I’d like to revisit the very first ad in the original campaign, because it has a lot to teach us, in this age of whizbang websites and widgeted wizardry.

You can view the original ad on YouTube.

Jordan starts off by saying “It’s not about the shoes, it’s about knowing where you are going.”

From a marketing and social media perspective, this is basically the first piece of advice that I give to clients. The question isn’t about “Facebook” or “WordPress” or “Twitter” or any other thing. It’s about where you want your business or organization to be in a set period of time. It really is that simple. Once you know what you are shooting for (pun intended) then you can begin to do the hard work to get there.

Now watch the rest of the ad. The remainder of the first “Become Legendary” spot is devoted to the hard work. If you watch it and think of marketing and PR instead of basketball, I think you’ll find it a compelling one minute.

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