Make Time to Read “The NOW Revolution”


Every business goes through a maturation process around social media. Usually a shock stage. Then a panic stage. Then a hamster-in-the-wheel stage, before finally the stirrings of strategic integration and execution begin to take root. This is more true of existing concerns – although startups are not immune from this – the all-encompassing drive to generate products sometimes makes customer-facing issues a second tier concern.

This maturation process takes too long, however, and is largely unnecessary. Businesses need to build their concerns with customer-facing issues in mind, and they need to be ready to engage with customers even before launch – and certainly afterwards.

This is a culture shift – and a large one.

About a month a go, I downloaded “The NOW Revoltion: 7 Steps to Making Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social” by Jay Baer, and Amber Naslund. More than any book I’ve read recently, NOW describes the challenge and opportunity that we have as business owners to build businesses in an optimal fashion (or re-orient existing businesses) to holistically engage the 21st century customer. It talks about cultural change. Nuts-n-bolts change. And it does so in a format that’s quite easy to read and digest.

It’s a great book. I recommend it to my clients. I recommend it to you.

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