Make the Tool Work for You


Are you rubbing your eyes wondering why in the world your business should bother with Twitter, or why your non-profit would ever want to set-up a Facebook Fan page? You’re not alone.

Chris Brogan recently published an article called “Getting Back to Your Desk,” that—while aimed at social media experts—really speaks to business owners and social entrepreneurs.

But what I mean is this: social media is a set of tools and tactics that people use as part of their larger business communications efforts. They are functions of a job, not something shiny that hides off on a magical island away from the job.

I couldn’t agree more. When I first introduce social media concepts to business owners, some of them look as if they are about to get hit by a truck. “How could we possibly do this?” Or…“I don’t have staff for this.”  Twitter and Facebook or Yelp seem like big, complex things that must certainly become a job all by themselves, right?

Now let’s reframe the conversation. Most of us don’t think of customer service as a separate “job.” After all, customer service is part of every interaction we have with our customers or patrons. So if I showed you a few simple tools that would inexpensively and easily amp up your customer service efforts, that would probably be interesting to you, wouldn’t it?

Well guess what, that’s really all we’re talking about here. Tools. Aids. Levers. In fact this is the beauty of social media; it can be and do many things—limited only by your creativity. The key is to understand that the tools are here to help you meet your goals. They should not be your goal.

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