Lessons From Komen: Why You Really Need A Communications Stategy


This post is about what happens when a leading nonprofit jumps into a highly controversial area of public debate without a communications strategy, stays silent, and therefore lets others take over the public dialogue, perhaps permanently redefining the organization and its brand. Watch and learn, so you don’t make the same mistake on whatever hot button issues your organization might be wading into.

Kivi Leroux Miller has posted the definitive analysis of how to thoroughly botch a major public announcement. “Komen For The Cure” made a highly-charged, political decision to end a breast cancer screening partnership with Planned Parenthood.

Apparently, they made the decision with little or no forethought about the communication and branding impacts the decision would have.

Any business or nonprofit can fall into this trap. But Miller provides one of the best surveys of EXACTLY HOW failing to have a strategy resonates across the web and media landscape.

Read her post. Learn. And don’t repeat.

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