Jeff Bezos On Risk, Failure, Vision, and Execution

If you invent frequently and are willing to fail, then you never get to that point where you really need to bet the whole company… We are planting more seeds right now, and it is too early to talk about them, but we are going to continue to plant seeds. And I can guarantee you that everything we do will not work. And, I am never concerned about that. … We are stubbon on vision. We are flexible on details. … We don’t give up on things easily. Our third party seller business is an example of that. It took us three tries to get the third party seller business to work. We didn’t give up.

Sure, we don’t all run a multi-billion dollar global online behemoth. However, we all can learn from how Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos in this response to a question at a shareholder meeting. I love the importance of being stubborn on vision.

Follow the link to read more of his response. He describes how a mission-driven culture allows a business to be misunderstood. And that isn’t always a bad thing when building something new.

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