Jantsch on Why Social Media Isn’t Working

Coming across the transom this morning was a post that I think most, if not all, business owners should read. John Jantsch, the originator of Duct Tape Marketing, wrote a compelling post about the gap that has emerged between how businesses do social media, vs. how individuals consume it. The context for this – as any business owner engaged in social media knows – is that for many, the impact of their work in the social area seems to be less than it was in the glory days 5-6 years ago.

Jantsch argues – and I wholeheartedly agree – that this is a mirage. Yes, there is noise, but having a focused, engaged strategy on social is as powerful now (if not more so) than it ever has been.

He details 5 practices to help guide your efforts; I’ve distilled them here.

  • Get Smaller: focus on adding value and utility to your closest fans.
  • Tell Stories: help people enjoy or understand some aspect of who they are or aspire to be.
  • Show Your Face: visual content is taking precedence.
  • Have Conversations: don’t broadcast; engage.
  • Make Impact: relationships lead to revenue.

Why Social Media Isn’t Working and What to Do About it

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08. June 2016 by Keven Elliff
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