Is Monetizing Ethical?

  1. An outgrowth of the impetus behind Instapaper, Readability and Read It Later type of services, – when combined with a frictionless eCommerce tool like – seems to allow for some rather liberal interpretation of intellectual property. On May 25, the blogger Anil Dash found himself at the center of an interesting Twitter dialogue about 134 articles of his that were mixed into a Readlist by Tory Briggs. 

  2. torybriggs
    My first readlist just hit the front page! Get all of the best writing from @anildash gratis (direct download)
  3. anildash
    Thanks to @Readlists there’s now an ebook of the best of my blog since 1999. It’s free, or pay $4: (thx @torybriggs)
  4. anildash
    @torybriggs I did both – I retweeted your Readlist link & added a Gumroad link to it in case people wanted to buy your Readlist.
  5. gregorysean
    @anildash Serious question – do you think you would have felt differently about @torybriggs “homage” if you weren’t an advisor?
  6. anildash
    @gregorysean no, i’ve been wanting to do a best-of my blog in ebook format for ages; that’s why Best Of is right at the top of my site.
  7. gregorysean
    @anildash Maybe I misinterpreted. I thought Tory was prodding you about readlists with the eBook of your posts.
  8. anildash
    @gregorysean my site’s also been CC-licensed for more than 8 years, so it’s encouraged.
  9. gregorysean
    @anildash Waitaminute! Your CC license prohibits commercial use. This is all too weird for me. I’m out. Have a great weekend, Anil.
  10. anildash
    @gregorysean I don’t know Tory, but I just took it as someone using the tool to do something cool? Either way, happy with the result.
  11. gregorysean
    @anildash Fair enough. The result is beautiful. Struggling with the entitlement though (would be cool readlists if respected licenses)
  12. anildash
    Oh cool! Neat @Gumroad feature lets you name your own price for the ebook of the best of my blog: (I suggest $4 :D)
  13. gregorysean
    @anildash Sounds like you’re encouraging people to sell eBooks of other people’s content. You really ok with that?
  14. gregorysean
    @anildash I care, actually. The idea of people disregarding copyright/licenses to sell eBook compilations of others’ work doesn’t sit well.
  15. anildash
    @gregorysean well, the question of whether someone *should* sell my work seems like one for Todd, no? Was his idea.
  16. xxbobbyzxx
    @anildash: I *love* how ppl are trying to find holes in @Readlists & usage. NewsFlash: Publishing is quite hole-y. @torybriggs @gregorysean
  17. Jonathan Poritsky interviewed Richard Ziade (the CEO of Readability/Arc90/Readlists) and asked about whether the service crosses a line.

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