Introverts Can’t Succeed in Marketing

In today's Quick Take, I talk about the importance of actually interacting with your customers and prospects.

Yes, we all hate sales (or many of us do, perhaps) – but you don't have to be an extrovert to successfully position and promote your products. Many so-called 'introverts' are outstanding digital networkers and marketers, because they understand that different digital and social media tools allow for a rich and deep interaction with customers. It's not about a cold call – it's about being where your customers already are, and providing value and utility in that venue – whether it is digital or offline. I highlight a post by Darren Rowse over at that talks about having unrealistic expectations as it relates to blogging. However, it applies to promoting content of any kind.

From there, I discuss the notion of letting your content do some of that 'extroverted' work for you. Amy Harrison, over at, describes how to use content to "seduce" customers, and create lasting relationships with them. I thought it was an excellent article, and believe it provides a nice example of how even the most "introverted" marketer can use content successfully.

Have any thoughts on this? Let me know!

2 Replies to “Introverts Can’t Succeed in Marketing”

  1. As a business coach for introverts – HOGWASH that introverts can’t make it in marketing! And yes, you are right.First introverts are some of THE most successful marketers. That’s the incorrectness in your title – and I love your title.Second you are right that what introverts and even reluctant marketers don’t like the way selling has been over the years. No one wants to be sold to but almost everyone loves to buy. That’s where the introvert CAN excel.Depending on what someone is selling via their online presence, at some point they do have to go beyond 140 character status updates. But isn’t that what introverts like to do- connect deeply with others? And it doesn’t mean you have to connect with everyone.I love your message! And I’d love for you to take a look at a few of my hundreds of blog posts for practically all things introvert.A pleasure to meet you.

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