Infographics For Nonprofits

In this world there are image lovers, and there are text lovers. I’m definitely in the latter category, and so for some time, I’ve been reluctant to embrace the “infographic” craze that inhabits these internets. However, non-profit thinker +Beth Kanter highlights how non-profit organizations in particular might find particular benefit from graphically highlighting key organizational or mission-related data.

I think it’s a good read, and if your non-profit has access to good design, infographics might be an interesting communication tool to use in your outreach efforts.

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Has your nonprofit created an infographic to report on results or part of its marketing tool box?  Share the link below!

5 Infographics About Infographics To Master Basics in Five Minutes
Source: Hot Button Studio
In my forthcoming book, “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” co-authored with KD Paine, my favorite chapter was about the sense-making process of measurement – called “Measurement and the Aha! Moment—Using your data to tell stories, make decisions, and change the world.” There’s where I discovered a new passion – data visualization techniques for sense-making. The process of translating your spreadsheet into an infograph…

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