If You Think in Lists, Use Fargo

Fargo.io is a new piece of web software developed by Dave Winer, one of the pioneering bloggers and podcasters, and a key figure in the history of the RSS standard. Fargo is a web-based outliner and publishing platform…and that is just the basic part I understand.

I think in lists. So “outlining,” which is an action verb I hadn’t been aware of previously, is something that comes natively to me. I use Fargo to document structured thinking, as well as unstructured brainstorming. It’s quick, versatile, and thanks to native Dropbox integration, available on everywhere.


Outlining is just the beginning, however. You can use it to post to WordPress, you can program with it, and I’m sure quite a bit more. For now – because the native WordPress environment is just like a second skin to me – I’ve decided to keep using WordPress for this site. As Dave’s work evolves, I’ll certainly be revisit that.

However, if you work in lists, think in lists, have ideas, brainstorm – check it out. It’s is a tremendous tool for me.

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