Good Read: 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Automation

3. Gluttony (Sending Too Many Emails Too Quickly)

This may arguably be the ultimate marketing automation sin. No one likes to feel like they’re being spammed. As you create your marketing automation campaign, remember that you also have a typical sales cycle your leads go through before they are ready to make a purchase. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your marketing automation campaign aligns with this cycle as well. As you build your campaign, think about when would be relevant times to send messages to your leads. For example, if your typical sales cycle is 30 days, consider sending an email every 10 days instead of sending 3 emails within the first 10 days. No one likes dealing with an email slob, so make sure you moderate your email schedule to avoid marketing automation gluttony.

Maurice Rahmey has a nice article on HubSpot today detailing 7 problems businesses and nonprofits have regarding marketing automation.

I think each of his “7 Deadly Sins” is something we see out in the world quite frequently, but the No. 3 Sin – Gluttony – is perhaps the mistake I see more than any. It’s natural, because many business owners and marketers pay attention to communication in bursts.

However, spreading communication out, being mindful of your “best interaction time” with your communities can really pay dividends. How do you make this happen? You can schedule posts via HootSuite, Sendible, and others.

Authentically, you can also build 5 minute communication increments into your day. No need to go overboard here, but if you plan out what you want to say on a weekly basis, and then build 2-3 communication windows/day into your schedule to post and interact, you provide a win-win for both you and the community you are working to engage with.

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