Focus On Deep (Not Shallow) Engagement On Facebook


If your business or nonprofit has a Fan page, you might wonder if Shares, Likes, and Comments to and of your posts have an equivalent effect. Edgerank Checker posted today the results of an interesting study of more than 5500 Pages.

The answer is that comments and shares are MUCH more impactful to your business than likes. As much as 4-5 times more impactful.

The takeaway? Any interaction is good. But if you are going to invest the time and energy to engage – go deep. Have a real, authentic dialog with your Fans. Post excellent, useful content. Don’t just go for the pithy Like link.

If you find your content isn’t generating the deeper engagement of Sharing and Commenting, then use that as an opportunity to listen to your Fans, and focus, refine, and test your content strategy until you see some deeper engagement.

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