Facebook Becoming a Hub of Its Own


We often talk of “hub and spokes” in relation to marketing, where your website is your hub, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the “spokes” where you go to create an outpost to meet customers.

However, some recent data summarized by Amy Porterfield at SME, indicates that Facebook’s geometric growth is making it a hub on its own terms.

Two data points to observe:

1. The Average American Spent 7 hours on Facebook in January.
2. 44% of Social Sharing on the Web Is Driven by Facebook.

These are incredible numbers when you think of ALL of the different life options and online options available to people.

What does this mean for a business or organization? It means you need to be participating in Facebook in a thoughtful and relevant way. Setting up a Fan page isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.

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