Do Personal Landing Page Services Kill Traffic?


Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with personal landing page service called For some time I have been looking for a web service or platform that seamlessly integrates all of my online activity in one place. I have hosted my own domain on Posterous for quite a while, and love how easy it is to post there. However, it basically is just a very simple blogging platform. To integrate streams (a.k.a. Life Streaming) there are WordPress plugins, aggregators and similar products, but none of them do the job elegantly or effectively (in my humble opinion). seems to come the closest to what I’m looking for. The service lets you embed all of your online activity onto one page. Activity is still broken up by service (i.e. Twitter is separate from my Blog, which is separate from Facebook, etc) instead of time – which would be my preference. However, their design elements are simply outstanding and visually I loved how the site looked. I moved my domain ( to, and – as the say in Vegas “Let it Ride.”

Unfortunately, while the site might have looked great (you can still see it at my traffic stats tanked. I’m not sure why yet, but the extent of the drop (perhaps as much as 70%) led me to beat a hasty retreat – I’m now back solely on Posterous.

I’m going to keep looking into this, because I think the elegant presentation of one’s complete (or curated) online activity is where we are heading. It doesn’t seem that we are there yet, however.

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