Commitment and Clarity: The Best Strategy

John Jantsch, the author of “Duct Tape Marketing” is getting set to release a new book called “The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It.” He’s spent the last year looking at what makes entrepreneurs feel successful. One of his key findings is that having a higher purpose for your business is essential to making the hard work and sacrifice seem “worth it.”

I would argue that this is true for everyone. CEO, Director, Employee, Volunteer, etc.

We need a mission. A compelling movement. A purpose beyond money and beyond product or service.

John writes that being clear about purpose – and committing to it – is a strategy that will allow any business or organization to move to another level of success. That success comes from a clear sense of progress and mission.

I could not agree more.

In order for clarity to become strategy you must remove all doubt about what your organization believes and you must be crystal clear about what that looks, sounds and feels like in the simplest way possible. Once you do that everything else just follows form – it’s clarity amplified.


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