Combine Online and Offline Marketing for More Success

Yes, it is all the rage to migrate every element of your business “to the cloud.” And why not? If you can reach followers through Facebook, provide updates through Twitter, add value through your website, and document it all on YouTube, why would we ever need to spend time, money and creative energy in the “offline” world?

The short answer: we are still creatures that live in the “real world.” 

Humans have an embodied intelligence. We sense, perceive, process, and take action on things that we encounter and process in our daily lives. While there is no doubt that more and more of our experiences as customers are taking place online, those meaningful experiences – the things we remember and hold on to – and that most powerfully impact buying decisions – they are part and parcel of our real world.

So don’t forget to integrate the online and the offline. A good reminder of this comes from a recent post by Chris Brogan, who encourages us to create meaningful experiences for our customers and constituents:

“Create an experience that’s fun with a content-creation angle. The goal is to create something for your consumer to enjoy. Have a platform on the web and social networks, but also provide an offline marketing aspect that your consumers can participate in. Add a cause marketing effort.” 

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