Are you locked in?

Are you locked in? +Paul Smalera has written an important post about the perils of having all of your marketing outreach and data locked within providers you don’t control.

The platform problem in social media
Marketers building on top of platforms like Facebook have locked customers into the Facebook experience. Our personal online data sets are held hostage by the platforms whose tools we use when we crea…

On the one hand, marketers and businesses need to be engaging  on the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. platforms – because that’s where our customers are. However, we simply have no control over what may or may not happen on any of those platforms. Policies might change, outages might occur.

And then what?

There used to be a time when standards-based communication protocols (say RSS, even though not technically a standard) looked to be the way that data would move between platforms. But by choosing to use proprietary API’s, businesses marketing data is locked in.

Paul is correct that it’s a large problem, without an elegant solution right now.

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