900 Million Users Are Worth Something

And Facebook is only scratching the surface about how to think about that. As a bit of “Facebook Fatigue” sets in among a set of Facebook users, I hear plenty of folks saying that the social network will go the way of AOL, dwindling away towards irrelevance.

What Facebook Knows – Technology Review
The company’s social scientists are hunting for insights about human behavior. What they find could give Facebook new ways to cash in on our data—and remake our view of society.

This article by Tom Simonite should bury that argument forever. Facebook has such a depth and breadth of social data that it could stop everything today – right now – and have decades worth of data to mine for profit. And of course we know they won’t stop everything.

They are only getting started.

The article is interesting in its own right, but I would say that if you are on the fence about investing in Facebook, or were wondering about that 100x multiple…it might give you a bit of clarity about the scale of the possible return.

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